Monday, 27 May 2013

My New Favourite Thing

H&M Trend never seems to let me down, when I spotted this incredible sweater I couldn't believe my eyes. For starters it was my size and the only one on the rail, the detail is amazing and most importantly the price tag. This little gem was £39.99, it weighs a tonne and it'll be impossible to wash but I don't care H&M once again you have outdone yourself!

Sweater - H&M Trend, Jeans - H&M, Bag - Louis Vuitton, Sunglasses - Primark

Sunday, 26 May 2013

A Hint of Pink

I bought this faux leather skirt a while back and ashamedly I've only managed to get one wear out of it. Last night gave me the perfect opportunity to give it an outing, I went on a rare evening out with a friend and what better colour to pair such a fun skirt. I love bright pink it's a very flattering colour on my skin tone, and as it's a colour that will have an expiration date as I age I like to make the most of being able it wear it now. My bracelets are from a gorgeous little boutique in Peterborough that I happened to pick up on a little shopping trip yesterday. I can't wait to expand my Tahlias Closet collection.

Tee - H&M, Skirt - ASOS, Jewels - Tahlias Closet, Heels - Zara

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Grey For A Grey Day

I'm going to sound very British saying this, but why is the weather so rubbish? I love layering as much as the next girl but I'm all layered out, doesn't the sun know I've got newly toned arms to show off? As a nod to the lack of sun I thought I'd take inspiration and wear grey to match the sky. I'm still obsessed with my wedge trainers and I fear they may walk themselves off my feet before I can bare to lay them to rest. On a plus side, lack of warmth means I can grasp a few last wears of my faux leather trousers before they get packed away until autumn.

Vest, Sweater & Trousers - H&M, Necklace - Bchamrd, Bag - Marc Jacobs

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Rocky Horror Picture Show

I am a huge Rocky Horror Fan and last night I was invited last minute to go to the 40th Anniversary of the show. I'm an ex Music Theatre student so there wasn't a chance I'd say no. I'm a bit anti fancy dress but you cannot turn up to this show and not get involved. The show was fantastic and my dragged along other half even enjoyed it. What a great way to spend a Saturday evening and an excellent opportunity for the first outing of my vintage Dior clutch.

Fur - Vintage, Skirt - ASOS, Heels - Zara, Clutch - Vintage Dior

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Crop Top Action Before the Big 30

I hit the dreaded milestone of 30 in a month so I'm getting some last minute twenties appropriate outfits in before they become too questionable. The crop top is doing the rounds at the moment, mostly with a high waisted bottom half, but I thought I'd go for broke and base my outfit circa early 2000's when hipster jeans and exposed midriffs where all the rage. Go big or go home I guess, but then I was a total chicken and kept my silk cape jacket on all evening, well with age comes the wisdom to know that cold back is not fun! Seems I'm more ready for 30 than I thought.

Cape Jacket - Zara, Jeans & Heels - H&M, Crop Top - ASOS