Monday, 30 April 2012

Super Month

In Comic Book World it is definitely Marvel’s month so I thought it only fair to give DC a little mention. I bought this D&G handbag back in 2005 when they did a collaboration  with DC, I love Wonder Woman and although it doesn’t get an outing very often I’m still glad that I invested in this timeless piece. As I’ve gotten older I now team it with more subtle outfits but I love how it makes an outfit pop. Wonder Woman is definitely a woman who knows how to accessorise, I may have to take a leaf out of her book and get involved in some cuff action.

Handbag - D&G,  Blazer - H&M,  Heels - Zara,  Necklace - Monet,  Watch - Michael Kors,          

Charm bracelet - Fendi

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Fashion Against Aids by H&M

Fashion Against Aids is now available Online at

25% of sales is donated to HIV/AIDS Prevention

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Avengers Assemble

So Avengers Assemble is finally hitting our screens and I for one couldn’t be more excited. I’ve always been a comic book fan, mainly because I love the art work.  The drama that is captured in a 2D drawing takes multi million pound CGI tricks to capture on the big screen. The simplicity of the good guy, bad guy scenario never gets old and reminds me of a more naive mind set  when good always triumphed over evil.
As a wise Fashionista my answer to the that age old question ‘what Super Hero would you want to be?’ simple Mystique! Who wouldn’t want to be able to morph into various Super Models to sample High Fashion as it should be worn, 5”1 rarely fit’s the fashion mould. Personally I’d choose Jess Stam to transform into everyday, my favourite modern day Super Model with the added bonus of free clothes and men falling at my feet I’d definitely be left feeling Super!

Monday, 23 April 2012

New to my Closet

I love coming home from a dull day at work to find a Zara delivery waiting for me, I’m not normally a bright colour type of girl but this season I thought I’d give them a whirl. This neon pink top is a great place to start I can’t wait for this rain to stop so that I can pair it with a pair of bleached skinny jeans. As a jewellery Magpie I couldn’t resist this Tribal Style necklace, and at £15.99 a great way to try out this seasonal trend at a low cost.

Necklace & Top - Zara

Saturday, 21 April 2012

April Showers

When you say ‘April Showers’ its sounds far more romantic than the reality that is ruined hair dos and damp clothes. This year April is definitely living up to its name, but I refuse to let the constant down pours ruin my mood. Spring is always an awkward phase in the style calendar, choosing an outfit that’s suitable for the conditions can get very complicated. Too cold for the summer clothes we’re being tempted by and way too depressing to be still wearing heavy knits, that’s why you can always rely on your trusty Mac. Its that old faithful that is 100% practical while remaining stylish, lets face it who wants to be wearing a cagoule just because its raining. Today I had the joy of giving my Mac its first outing of the season, its no Burberry but due to my lack of height and small frame it’s the only one I’ve found that didn’t swamp me. I’m now on a mission to find the perfect black Mac to accompany my wardrobe staple.

Mac - Miss Selfridge, Knit - Zara, Jeans - Topshop, Shoes - Bershka, Necklace -, Bag - LV

Friday, 13 April 2012

Dior's new Main Man

So who is the new man about town?

After John Galliano’s fall from grace last year it has been on the mind of every self-confessed fashion lover who on earth could fill those designer boots.

Step up to the plate Raf Simons, a Belgium based designer who after studying Industrial design went on to become a menswear designer in 1995, he describes his own style as ‘Youth Culture’ his fashion Moto being ‘live fast die bohemian’

Simons own Collections RAF SIMONS, RAF by Raf Simons and his extremely popular Co lab with Fred Perry focus strongly on tailoring and construction whilst remaining relevant to youth culture and keeping a contemporary feel throughout.

In 2007 Raf Simons designed the Autumn Winter Collection for Jill Sander.’s Sarah Mower accredited the collection as being the only clothes appropriate for the high powered career woman, so is that what Raf Simons is going to bring to Dior a collection steered towards Alan Sugar’s finest?

Fear not label lovers Simons has already made a vow to the fashion world that he will be bringing his own vision but not to the detriment of Dior’s feminine history.

He’s the first to admit he is a minimalist but he promises that he can bring the romanticism that is expected of a Dior collection, and with the Olsen twins as fans I for one am sold!
I certainly cannot afford Dior but I definitely get a thrill out of gazing longingly at the runway edit at the beginning of every season, and I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for the iconic brand.