Sunday, 30 September 2012

Camo Fever

Living in a new place can sometimes be tough, but when you meet someone you have a lot in common with things can seem a lot easier very quickly. Step forward girl fun, we all need girl friends and although I can't be with my closest friends back home as much anymore making new friends is just as great. Friday evening saw many laughs and even more drinks with a great new friend. Village life looks on the up!

Camo Trousers - Zara, Blouse - H&M Trend, Heels - Zara, Clutch - Zara

Thursday, 27 September 2012

New Car Time

Last weekend I was finally able to pick up my new car, OK so its exactly the same as my last car but I loved my car and just wanted a shiny new one. This is my fourth Smart car, I know not I'm very adventurous but if I can order Margerita pizza everytime I go to an Italian I can get the same car every time can't I? This time I went for all white instead of white and silver, thank you very much to Alison from Smart Newcastle for wrapping it in a pink bow and for the gorgeous bunch of flowers. Going home to Newcastle also gave me a great excuse to sport some knitwear, I bought this particular item in Spring bit too keen, so finally getting to wear it made me feel less like a shopaholic. I've worn my black leather trousers so much already when I spotted this burgundy pair I was thrilled and can't wait to style them over the winter.

Charles (as in Darwin) cause he's Smart!

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The Earring Is Back!

Earrings of late have had a very 80's vibe, think large gold and extremely Dynasty! I did get involved for a while don't get me wrong, but once the heavy shoulder pads left the runway I felt that I ended up just looking like a Jessie J tribute act. So when I began to see chandlier-esk earring filtering into the main stream I couldn't help but get excited. I picked up my versions from H&M for a very purse friendly price but whether you choose Miu Miu or ASOS theres a pair for everyone, all you have to do is decide how much embelishment your ear can handle. See below for some of my other favourites in stores now.

ASOS - £20

ASOS - £18

Tom Binns @ NET-A-PORTER - £280

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Great North Run Weekend

This weekend I took myself back to Newcastle for a little trip home, and what a lovely weekend I had. As its Great North Run weekend the atmosphere in the city has been incredible with everyone in high spirits. Many of our Olympic hero's also graced Newcastle with their presence, unfortunately I missed out on getting myself a few snap shots of them. Congratulations to everyone who ran The Great North Run today you are all so inspiring with many running for some excellent causes. A special mention goes to my Dad, not only did he complete the race himself but a few of the ladies he helps to coach finished the race in excellent times. And to top the weekend off I managed to drive all the way back to Cambridgeshire without a hint of traffic, good news all round I'd say! Once again well done to everyone who completed the Great North Run today, what a great achievement.

For once I was a very sensible packer for my trip home only packing one pair of trousers instead of the usual five. I love leather trousers and I have a feeling I'm going to be getting my moneys worth out of this pair this coming winter, they look great and they add a touch of style to knitwear that skinny jeans never seem to manage. See below for how I chose to wear them this weekend, and apologies for how many times your going to see them during the next six months!

Shirt & Trousers - H&M, Clutch - American Apparel, Heels - Zara

Shirts, Trousers & Earrings - H&M, Bag - LV, Heels - Zara

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Last Day of British Summer Time

It's fair to say that today is probably the last day of summer for the UK and what a great end to an amazing Summer with temperatures soaring into the high 20's. Taking a look back at Summer 2012 has made me feel quite over whelmed in a very nostalgic way. Lets see we've had the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, London 2012 & the Paralympic Games, all of which have been an outstanding success which have left the nation with a sense of pride that hasn't been felt for a long time. Flying a national flag had become a taboo subject over the years but this summer it all changed, being able to walk down the street seeing rows of Union Jack flags flying so proudly with no negative connotations, hopefully means a fresh approach from the nation as a whole. It may be a cheesy thing to say but being British is something I can genuinely say gives me a proud feeling and whether nationally it lasts or not, Summer 2012 can surely go down in history as being one of the greatest Summer's of all time.

For my last outfit of the Summer I chose to wear a dress I actually bought Summer 2011 but didn't get round to wearing. I love the colour of it and gold is probably fitting as a tribute to all of our Medal winning athletes this Summer.

Dress - H&M Trend, Bag - LV

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Zara Autumn Picks

As every fashion conscious girl knows, Zara is King of the high street in the fashion stakes. Even the most savvy shopper would struggle to pick out a Zara number in a high fashion line up. That is why its so exciting when the doom and gloom of the Summer sale starts to end and the new season stock begins to filter through, and I for one couldn't be more excited at Zara's offerings so far. With the recruitment of Super Models Freja Beha and Cara Delevingne Zara's crown appears to be going nowhere. See below for my best pics for the season so far.

Puffer Jacket - £119.00

Belt - £17.99

Plush Trousers - £19.99

Clutch Bag - £79.99

Jacquard Peplum Blouse - £39.99

Peplum Knit - £45.99

Silk Trouser - £59.99

Decorated Ankle Boot - £79.99

Khaki Oversized Shirt - £39.99

Black High Heel - £59.99