Saturday, 27 October 2012

Autumn Leaves Are Falling

The best thing about Autumn colours are they blend so well together without being sickly like Summer colours. I picked up my burgundy faux leather trousers from H&M for a very purse friendly price but if you have a bit more cash to splash NET-A-PORTER have some great Leathers in of the non faux variety. Burgundy is a great alternative to black and I can't wait to style mine with more colours and textures this Autumn/Winter.

Peplum - H&M Trend, Trousers - H&M, Heels - ZARA, Clutch - Mulberry

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Camouflage Fever

I'm never one to shun a trend before trying it out a few times and as I like to feel like my outfit has an element of fun to it I'm enjoying experimenting with Camo, to be honest I'm probably borderline fancy dress here but I like to call it playful styling.

Outfit - Zara

Saturday, 13 October 2012

A Night on the Town

Last night I had a rare evening out in Newcastle with the Boyfriend and a special friend, on the fashion front I decided to go for textures and prints. I know you should probably only wear one animal at a time but I thought I'd mix it up a bit with snake and leopard print, as I kept the print to my accessories I thought it would be nice to add a bit of dept to my outfit with a Peplum knit and faux leather trousers and as Newcastle always has the presence of the North Sea wind the knitwear definitely kept the chill at bay.

Trousers & Blouse - H&M, Peplum Knit - H&M Trend, Boots - Zara, Clutch -Mulberry

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Double Leather Day

I normally avoid skirts but I'm in love with leather at the moment and to give my trousers a rest I purchased a skirt, I wasn't sure on leather on leather at first because no one wants to look like a T-Bird extra from Grease but with the hint of leopard print and the texture of the knit I think I just about pulled it off. The cold weather is definitely setting in now and I think the addition of textures such as fur and knits leather on leather will be a look I will be experimenting with more.

Leather Skirt - ASOS, Jacket, Knit & Blouse - H&M, Boots - Newlook, Bag - LV

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

A Visitor From Home

This week I am a very lucky girl, not only have I got 3 days off work but I also have a visitor from home. I am very fortunate to have my Godparents in my life and it always feels extra special because they may have told God in church they'd look after me but they really didn't have to keep their promise, but lucky for me they did and I got two extra parents for good measure. My Godmother is a very busy lady but she left the grey skies of Newcastle to visit me in Cambridgeshire this week and thankfully so far the weather has been on our side. After a busy day in Cambridge today we are both thoroughly worn out, lets just hope the sun can keep his hat on until Friday.

Trousers, Shirt & Jumper - H&M, Heels - Zara, Clutch - American Apparel, Necklace - Bcharmd

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Saturday Night Date

Last night I got to debut my Geoprint Trousers from Zara, I purchased them during the summer sale for the bargin price of £12.00. They are so comfortable and the perfect trouser for going to stuff your face. I love dressing for autumnas the colours are much more flattering on my pale skin. My Gorgeous boyfriend took me on a date last night to an amazing Indian Restaurant. I had a lovely evening and after eating my body weight in Poppadoms and Naan these trousers were the perfect choice and they will look great with knitwear in the coming months.

Trousers & Heels - Zara, Peplum - H&M Trend, Bag - Fendi

A Week Of Style

 After all the amazing weeks of fashion we've been blessed with, those in the public eye have no excuse for sporting car crash outfits, take a look at my best pics from the past week.

Block colouring will always look great when you have a figure like Leighton Meester and this week in New York she proved why she's become such a fashion icon.

As a child star Dakota Fanning has managed to bypass the Wild Child card and firmly cemented herself as Hollywood royalty. The reason this outfit looks so great is because she kept a clean palette, this kind of look could so easily have looked Street Walker but the milky skin and fresh face keep it on the right side of fashion.

As one of my generations greatest clothes horse Rachel Bilson may leave you thinking "has she done anything since the OC" but boy does she know how to dress. She always looks amazing, her simplistic approach to dressing never fails to look anything but fashion perfection.

Proof that even the most casual of outfits can look super stylish when you look like Kate Bosworth, This girl is naturally beautiful take away the glitz and glamour and Kate still outshines her counterparts. 

Saturday, 6 October 2012

I Still Love Your Style

Living away from my home city can sometimes be hard but it makes going home to see friends and family all the more special. I admire so many of my friends for various reasons but I can't help but gravitate towards stylish girls. I've blogged about my good friend Emma before (Love Your Style) I've always loved her style as it varies so much from my own. As much as I try to steal hints of her look it never seems to look the same and I guess that's the true beauty of personal style. Twenty people could wear the same outfit but size, height, hair colour, skin tone will always alter the way things look. I've always referred to Emma as China Doll with her pale complection and glossy black bob it was an easy comparison to make, but everyone must evolve especially their style and with the addition of some ombre tips and a few years on the clock Emma is walking a fashion path that appears to come so naturally to her. If the early nineties grew up and had an internship at Elle magazine the outcome would be pretty close to Emma's style. Keep up to date with all of Emma's looks on Instagram. Love your Style Emma keep up the good work!