Friday, 26 April 2013

Casual Friday

Everyone needs a casual day every now and again, and with the current wedge trainer trend this is made all the more possible. Love them or hate them they're not going anywhere soon. I've lived in mine the past two months and I'm praying for their longevity so it doesn't get embarrassing!

Jacket - H&M, Trousers - Zara, Bag - Marc Jacob, Necklace - Bcharmd

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Féline Fine In The Sun

I love that logo tees are in but the big label ones can only be described as obscene on the price front. There's fakes practically everywhere but I'm not keen on counterfeit goods and I found this Féline version from BATOKO. I'm sure you can guess it's a cheeky take on a Céline tee but not an obvious copy, there are some other fun tees on the site just avoid the obvious copies.

Tee - Batoko, Blazer - H&M, Trousers - Zara, Bag - Fendi, Necklace - Bcharmd

Monday, 1 April 2013

Tahlias Closet

A four day weekend was never going to be a bad thing for the working crowd, and saying as spring has finally arrived this weekend has certainly been a good one. Bank holiday Sunday is always a bit of a party day back in my home town of Newcastle but as I wasn't able to make it home for Easter it was nice to go out with some new people in Cambridgeshire.

I'm a bit of a Magpie and last night I got to finally meet the lovely lady who created online jewellery store and boutique Tahlias Closet. If you live in the Cambridgeshire area a visit to the boutique is a must and if you don't check out the website. Tahlias Closet also has a great Twitter account which features all of the latest items a quick DM and payment can be arranged. Tahlias Closet owner Natasha has a great sense of style and is a great advertisement for the brand, she displays some amazing styling tips for various jewellery products on her Instagram account definitely worth a look. I'm a huge fan of her range and I will follow up with a blog post featuring some pick ups soon.

Peplum & Trousers - H&M Trend, Heels - Zara, Bag - Fendi