Sunday, 17 June 2012

Birthday Blues

Well this weekend I turned 29 and lets just say it made me realise I'm definitely not ready for 30, I'm just left feeling have I achieved enough? What should I have achieved by the time I'm 30? And how the hell am I going to fit it all in? I know I'm lucky that I don't quite look 30, well not in a darkened room but I just can' help feel that I'm just not ready for it. I did however receive some lovely gifts to ease the pain including these Wonder Woman inspired cuffs from Asos bought by my gorgeous friend Lauren, we have a mutual love of Wonder Woman that we discovered whilst both drooling over the Mac collection last year, when I put them on I tried my best to remain classy but in my head I was getting changed in a phone box and running round going Pow Pow! Am I still allowed to do that at 30? When do the rules change? Wish me luck!!!

Trousers & Knit - H&M, Heels - Zara, Cuffs - Asos, Bag - Amercan Apparel

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