Monday, 16 July 2012

Sneakerpedia Weekly Sneaker Showcase

If you haven't already you should definitely check out Sneakerpedia, I'm a bit of a closet trainer fan ever since my parents treated me to a pair of Air Max 97 and even though I don't wear them very often I'm still a sneaky collector on the side. Sneakerpedia is basically a Wikipedia but for trainers where individuals can upload their own collection to the site, so whether your a collector or just an admirer there are some serious shoes on the site. For me its about taking a trip down memory lane, trainer releases for me marked little milestones in my life. Another great feature of the site is the social network community that allows you to Tweet what your wearing, then once a week the best are chosen to feature in the Weekly Sneaker Showcase which, yours truely just happened to feature in this week. 

To check out the Weekly Sneaker showcase click on this link Sneaker Showcase and to check out my crate Click here.

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