Saturday, 8 December 2012

As An Adult Are Festive Knits Ever OK???

Santa is definitely on his way and I am very excited. Have you ever noticed that at this time of year somebody always turns up to the Christmas party wearing a themed Festive knit? I always find it odd because it's always the person most void of personality! It's like they think one item of knit wear can make up for 364 days of horrific banter. This year one of my friends suggested we go for a meal wearing said Christmas clothing crime and at first I was a Doubting Thomas. Not wanting to be the meal Grinch I thought I'd best get involved and do so with a smile on my face. After looking at a few full on themed knits, you know the ones Reindeer's, Christmas Puds and Snowmen I decided to go for the fair isle route. I found this to be the most subtle but suitably festive choice and to avoid that standing at the bar solo without looking like a 9 year old I went for tone on tone. I know, I know I'm pretty boring and not really showing good Christmas spirit but I'm a blogger with a reputation to uphold thank you very much! Merry Christmas Everyone x

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