Monday, 1 April 2013

Tahlias Closet

A four day weekend was never going to be a bad thing for the working crowd, and saying as spring has finally arrived this weekend has certainly been a good one. Bank holiday Sunday is always a bit of a party day back in my home town of Newcastle but as I wasn't able to make it home for Easter it was nice to go out with some new people in Cambridgeshire.

I'm a bit of a Magpie and last night I got to finally meet the lovely lady who created online jewellery store and boutique Tahlias Closet. If you live in the Cambridgeshire area a visit to the boutique is a must and if you don't check out the website. Tahlias Closet also has a great Twitter account which features all of the latest items a quick DM and payment can be arranged. Tahlias Closet owner Natasha has a great sense of style and is a great advertisement for the brand, she displays some amazing styling tips for various jewellery products on her Instagram account definitely worth a look. I'm a huge fan of her range and I will follow up with a blog post featuring some pick ups soon.

Peplum & Trousers - H&M Trend, Heels - Zara, Bag - Fendi

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