Friday, 13 April 2012

Dior's new Main Man

So who is the new man about town?

After John Galliano’s fall from grace last year it has been on the mind of every self-confessed fashion lover who on earth could fill those designer boots.

Step up to the plate Raf Simons, a Belgium based designer who after studying Industrial design went on to become a menswear designer in 1995, he describes his own style as ‘Youth Culture’ his fashion Moto being ‘live fast die bohemian’

Simons own Collections RAF SIMONS, RAF by Raf Simons and his extremely popular Co lab with Fred Perry focus strongly on tailoring and construction whilst remaining relevant to youth culture and keeping a contemporary feel throughout.

In 2007 Raf Simons designed the Autumn Winter Collection for Jill Sander.’s Sarah Mower accredited the collection as being the only clothes appropriate for the high powered career woman, so is that what Raf Simons is going to bring to Dior a collection steered towards Alan Sugar’s finest?

Fear not label lovers Simons has already made a vow to the fashion world that he will be bringing his own vision but not to the detriment of Dior’s feminine history.

He’s the first to admit he is a minimalist but he promises that he can bring the romanticism that is expected of a Dior collection, and with the Olsen twins as fans I for one am sold!
I certainly cannot afford Dior but I definitely get a thrill out of gazing longingly at the runway edit at the beginning of every season, and I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for the iconic brand.

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