Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Louis Vuitton & the Ultimate Golden Boy

Let’s face it when Michael Phelps announced his retirement at the youthful age of 27 I’m sure none of us were worried about how he was going to pay the bills, but just in case you were worried, fear not. As well as being the greatest Olympian ever he can now rank him self among the fashion elite as he has been named the new face of Louis Vuitton for the Core Values campaign. Staring alongside former Soviet gymnast Larisa Latynina, 77, also an Olympic champion many times over, having won 18 medals in her impressive career Michael looks as good in a suit as he does in his trunks!

The caption below, which is written in Italian says 'Due percorsi straordinari. Uno stesso destino' which translates as 'Two extraordinary paths. The same fate.'

The new Cores Values Campaign supports Al Gore's Climate Change Project.

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