Saturday, 4 August 2012

Victoria Pendleton - A True Role Model

As a female who idolised athletes as a child I find it worrying the women that our youth are looking up to, step forward WAGs and Wannabees, so you can imagine my delight yesterday when the wonder that is Victoria Pendleton stood on the podium to receive gold in her final Olympic games. For those of you who aren't fully clued up on cycling's Golden Girl I'll give you a run down. Pendleton is the girl who shouldn't be good at cycling her body doesn't fit the mould, her mind is regarded as too fragile and emotional. She fell in love with the GB Sports Scientist and after he quit for their love she lost the respect and comradery of her peers. And to top it all off she grew apart from her father who had coached her for so many years and he wasn't even there to see her first Olympic Gold medal. So how exactly has she became the face of Female track cycling? Pendleton puts it down to one simple thing, she believes that she just wants it more than everyone else. The power of determination drives her to be the best despite being too slight and over emotional. Outside of cycling Pendleton has launched her own range of Traditional Bikes and her focus for the future is on fashion and design. It would seem that the rejection from her peers has left Victoria with no option but to retire from the sport as she feels that there are too many bridges that cannot be rebuilt. Her cycling career may be coming to an end but that is far from being the only string in her bow, I for one am excited to see what fashion skills she has and you may have noticed she's a bit of a looker so theres bound to be countess magazine covers and shoots. One things for sure she's earned her fame and she's earned the right to be classed as a great role model.

One for the boys - Feature in Esquire Magazine 

 Image by Iain Claridge

Feature in Bazaar Magazine

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