Thursday, 27 September 2012

New Car Time

Last weekend I was finally able to pick up my new car, OK so its exactly the same as my last car but I loved my car and just wanted a shiny new one. This is my fourth Smart car, I know not I'm very adventurous but if I can order Margerita pizza everytime I go to an Italian I can get the same car every time can't I? This time I went for all white instead of white and silver, thank you very much to Alison from Smart Newcastle for wrapping it in a pink bow and for the gorgeous bunch of flowers. Going home to Newcastle also gave me a great excuse to sport some knitwear, I bought this particular item in Spring bit too keen, so finally getting to wear it made me feel less like a shopaholic. I've worn my black leather trousers so much already when I spotted this burgundy pair I was thrilled and can't wait to style them over the winter.

Charles (as in Darwin) cause he's Smart!

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