Saturday, 6 October 2012

I Still Love Your Style

Living away from my home city can sometimes be hard but it makes going home to see friends and family all the more special. I admire so many of my friends for various reasons but I can't help but gravitate towards stylish girls. I've blogged about my good friend Emma before (Love Your Style) I've always loved her style as it varies so much from my own. As much as I try to steal hints of her look it never seems to look the same and I guess that's the true beauty of personal style. Twenty people could wear the same outfit but size, height, hair colour, skin tone will always alter the way things look. I've always referred to Emma as China Doll with her pale complection and glossy black bob it was an easy comparison to make, but everyone must evolve especially their style and with the addition of some ombre tips and a few years on the clock Emma is walking a fashion path that appears to come so naturally to her. If the early nineties grew up and had an internship at Elle magazine the outcome would be pretty close to Emma's style. Keep up to date with all of Emma's looks on Instagram. Love your Style Emma keep up the good work!

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