Saturday, 25 February 2012

Inspiration Spice

It all started in 1996, it was the school holidays I was 13 when something happened that would change my life forever!

The Spice Girls

Now I’m not saying that musically they broke any boundaries, but they gave me and my peers a female inspiration my generation had not witnessed before. Endless conversations of “which one are you?” “Girl power” and “what are they wearing?” Even now it’s the fashion that inspires me most, the Spice Girls were so care free and fun it’s hard to forget the dress made from a tea cloth, the neon’s, platforms and leopard print all a visual treat for every girls eyes. 

It was an image in the press lately that really caught my eye, Geri wearing an updated version of one of the most iconic dresses of all time. 

This made me think how responsible the Spice Girls are for modern day fashion. Were the Spice Girls the ape-like creature to our fashion evolution?

Take the infamous Buffalo platform trainers, haven’t they just been replaced by Ash or the Isabel Marant heeled trainers sported by on trend celebs this season?

I’m sure not many a designer would admit it but is Sporty Spice the back bone of Sports Luxe? It’s not hard to visualise that this is where the inspiration could have come from. Sports Luxe is surely a more sophisticated version of Sporty’s tracksuit.
Obviously all trends have a predecessor albeit a less appealing one but doesn’t it make you feel good to look back fondly on memories, and for me the Spice Girls are something I will always look back on through romanticised eyes.

Love them or hate them the Spice Girls have definitely left a legacy, I would love to see Victoria Beckham take inspiration from her own background and add a little Spice to her own collection. Obviously her brand is more classic but even a hint would appease my fashion cockles.

As far as I am concerned there will always be room in my heart and inspiration for a little bit of Spice.

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