Saturday, 25 February 2012

UGG Rewritten

So I’d best be honest from the start, I had intended to write this blog about my hatred of the most staple wardrobe classic since denim Jeans the UGG boot, but then I foolishly began my research. After asking friends what they thought about UGG boots or as I used to call them Greggs pasties for your feet , one girl friend said the sentence that made me huff and puff like a wayward teenager

“Why don’t you try mine on?”

Me try on UGGs? At the time I’d have rather let a Blacksmith perm my hair with a piece of wrought iron! Begrudgingly I gave in, after all it wouldn’t be fair to publicly slate without at least trying them on.

Well to say I wasn’t prepared is definitely an understatement, WOW my feet had never been treated to such pleasures, the soft sheep wool caressed my toes as I slipped my foot in, instantly being moulded once set in place. I now feel like the most fickle person to have ever tried on a pair of shoes, less than 10 seconds it took for me to go back on  nearly 10 years of hatred.

So where did my hatred come from?

Well lets be honest any trend started by Pamela Anderson was never going to fair well in my books. But if my memory serves me right it was Kate Moss who was the first to grace our magazines wearing UGG boots, and like most things worn by Kate Moss everyone else looks crap in comparison.

By the late noughties the trend had really set in  that’s when the realm of the cheap look alike began. You know the ones I mean, they usually cost around £15 from low end high street chains. £15 too much I say!

It’s the collapsed backs that get to me the most. It cant be good for your feet to scrape your soles along the ground in boots that provide no support, now I know I now sound like the lady at Clarks that used to measure your feet on that nifty coloured gadget but she was right! And to top it all off it looks terrible.

 Ever heard anyone say:

“oooh you’d have to prise my UGGs off my feet I live in them”

That’s because you splashed out all of a weeks worth of Boots meal deals on a shoe you’ll wear all winter, the bacteria has probably began to spread so badly the boots are now officially a parasite that need to remain attached in order to breath, I hope your eating for two now and not starving your new growth of nutrients.

Now I realise that authentic UGG boots are far from cheap but lets do some maths, the average UGG costs around £200 lets say you wear them 5 times a week for 4 months that’s £2.50 maximum per wear surely worth the investment.

But now I feel so foolish, I’ve spent so many years with nothing but snide remarks to say about them that if I turn up one day wearing them my friends are going to think I’m the biggest hypocrite ever! Its only the past week I’ve not referred to them as UGGLY boots (see what I did?) Gulp! If I’m ever going to be able to treat my feet to the most comfortable footwear ever to grace fashion there’s only one thing left to do, brace yourself friends

“my name is Merille and I love UGG boots!”

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