Saturday, 25 February 2012

Love your Style

This isn’t the largest Blog ever written or a rant its just a little pat on the back to someone who I believe personifies style.

Every once in while I think we should take a sit back from the glamour of fashion magazines and celebrity culture and applaud someone who stands out in the style stakes.
I think it’s a great thing to congratulate that normal girl who has managed to achieve her own sense of style. I’m quite  fickle when it comes to defining my own look, I don’t think anyone could accuse me of having one unique look, don’t get me wrong I know what suits my frame and what compliments my albino like complexion but to put it bluntly I’m a bit of a fash whore!

The object of my style crush is my good friend, well lets just call her China Doll in case I embarrass her.

Some of you cynics may say she looks a little bit like Jessie J, well let me tell you this picture was taken when Jessie J was no more than Jessica Ellen Cornish.

She has no stylist and there’s not a single piece of designer in her wardrobe, what she does have is Personal style and confidence and I think she looks great!

We probably all have a friend like China Doll, she doesn’t fit the normal mould but she’s always that girl who catches your eye. She’s also the girl who can enter Primarni and find that one item you would never have noticed and make it unrecognisable from the mass produced lands of horror which it came. China Doll has that personal sense of style that means whatever she’s wearing the style shines through.

Not all of us are lucky enough to have designer sized clothes funds and china Doll is testimony that true style has no price tag. She’s a credit to fashion on a budget and demonstrates superbly how amazing the British high street can be.

So the next time you see a regular girl with the kind of look that stopped you in your tracks, don’t let her walk by compliment her. I guarantee you’ll make her day.

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