Sunday, 20 May 2012

Her Wardrobe, Her Words

'Her Wardrobe, Her Words' is a feature I've added  because I feel its important to recognise when you admire another womans style. We all look at other women with the green eyed monster sometimes and think oooh I wish I could Wear that, and rather than just be envious I thought I'd give praise not hate. My first subject is Erika, trying to describe her look has left me tongue tied as I've been unsuccessful at pigeonholin it which I guess in itself sums up her look, its unpretentious, uncontrived and generally just leaves me feeling inspired. so here goes Her Wardrobe in Her Words.

Erika O'Neill
Events assistant

I like to collect clothes! I'd rather a really special vintage find than a designer piece every time! I don't really worry about being different or standing out, it's more to do with the history of the piece and the memory of finding it that interests me. For me style is about expressing yourself and your interests. I love everything about the 60s and 70s era and defiantly express that in what I wear. However I'm also a big fan of rock and count Axl Rose as one of my style icons! I'd hate to be pigeon holed as a certain style era because i like playing dress up too much and if I want to be twiggy one day and Axl the next then what harm!!
I've never been interested in being overly sexy and my main looks always involve high necklines! Minis, platforms, cigarette trousers, high waisted skinny trousers, Peter pan collar shirts and blouses, plimsoll's, platforms, leather and lots of fur are my wardrobe stables.

I love patterns, I always have had an eye for detailed psychedelic 60s and 70s prints. Their so cheery and bright!!

More pattern!

More print!!

My favourite piece!
 A vintage Ma Cherie haute couture dress.
A find from Newcastle's Attica shop, which I couldn't afford so my boyfriend surprised me with!
I just adore its ageless glamour and intricate detailing you just wouldn't get these days!!

My collection, my pride and joy, my children!!!! How I'll ever drag this out my walk in wardrobe if there was a fire is the cause of many sleepless nights!! X

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